Drama, Performance Art - 5 mins - Austria


Two athletic spiderwomen quarrel over one tasty man. Can he escape?


Comedy - 7 mins - Italy


While the wheels of her bag are spinning on the ancient pavement of the small Sicilian town she once lived in, Violetta is in search for a specific man.

When she'll find him, things won't go as she expected.

But that wouldn't stop her from getting what she wants at any cost.



Drama - 9 mins - New York, USA


Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can’t be left up to fate.

Don't Think About It

Dark Comedy - 12 mins - Don't Think About It, USA


Ron and Casey are expecting a child, but things get out of hand when they both try to protect each other from an inevitable break-up.

Extra 1104: The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck

Documentary - 21 mins - New Jersey, USA


Steaming fifty people to death, the train wreck of Extra 1104 in 1925 stands today as one of the most disastrous train wrecks in New Jersey. For over 90 years, the complete full story of this tragedy remained largely untold until local filmmaker John General set out to reveal what really happened on the fateful night that put courage, selflessness and pure heroism to a true test. "Extra 1104 - The Story of the Rockport Train Wreck" is the only film to ever tell the full story of the deadliest disaster in Warren County's history that left Rockport, a small rural village with no electricity or medical personnel, shaken for decades.


Drama - 10 mins - New Jersey, USA


What happens when the world is supposed to end, but doesn't? Can you live with your choices?


Frame of Reference

Comedy, Drama - 18 mins - New Jersey, USA

Classic film and misperceptions come together as a broken-hearted woman and her best friend review her latest relationship through very different eyes.



Synopsis: "Frame of Reference" focuses on Alex and her best friend Lauren as they recount Alex's latest failed relationship. But are they even talking about the same thing? Alex tends to wear a romanticized 1940s filter on her memories and Lauren, well, Lauren doesn't remember it quite so nicely.


Who's right and who's wrong? It all depends on your frame of reference.



The Heap

Suspense- 15 mins - France


Simone is a lonesome old lady, whose daily matters are punctuated by a strange heap, so imposing in her small apartment that prevents her from living normally. One day Simone dares to touch it…

A Magician

Suspense, Comedy - 4 mins - United Kingdom


After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene

Sunday in the Park with doG

Comedy - 8 mins - New York, USA


While enjoying a sandwich on a relaxing day in the park, a high-strung Guy has a chance meeting with a very zen, three-legged dog, who may or may not be... an existentialist.

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