Calvin's Shoe

Animation, Family, Fantasy - 8 mins - California, USA


There is something unusual about Calvin’s Shoe. It seems to be a world unto itself. Calvin and Enzo find themselves in a deep, blue-walled canyon. They explore this maze-like place, discover strange sights, and encounter unexpected creatures. Come along with them on this adventure.

Jack Magic

Family, Comedy, Fantasy - 10 mins - New Jersey, USA


Little brother Jack, tired of his sister and father's fighting, intervenes with his magic powers.

The Last Visit


Family, Drama - 20 mins - New Jersey, USA


An accidental meeting between a recently widowed man and a young girl will change both of their lives forever.

My Little Brother

Family, Documentary - 7 mins - New Zealand


A young boy’s story of his little brother, the scary internet and a nightmare vision


Family, Comedy - 1 min -


A janitor gets the surprise of his life.


Comedy, Science Fiction - 9 mins - USA


In the future Guy meets the lady of his dreams, a momentary lapse in digestive self control forces the humiliated Guy to utilize society’s latest technology in order to clear the air for a second chance at a first impression.


Drama - 15 mins - New York, USA


Reuben is about the unconditional love of a person with autism to his father who fell into depression after the death of his wife.


A non-dialogue short film, which is expressed solely through visual story telling and symbolism.



Drama - 16 mins - New Jersey, USA


A recently divorced family, comprised of a mother, father, and little girl, struggles to assimilate to their new lives. The girl, Abigail, resorts to surprising alternative methods to cope.

The Sky Between Us

Animation - 4 mins - Australia


Three young children are ushered into a room by a lone adult and left to their imaginations. Through the joyous innocence of the children's fantastical games, the audience is invited to remember the wondrous nature of being a child, once more.

Superbug Blues

Comedy, PSA - 4 mins - New Jersey, USA


A comedic, educational animation about superbugs, and how antibiotic resistance can turn even the most mundane of microorganisms into a deadly disease.


Animation - 5 mins - Canada


Substratae provides the audience a glimpse of mythical lives glowing, under the eternal flux, with energies hidden deep within the earth. There is mystery here, and a sense of the otherworldly tempered with a dash of humour. A colourful array of characters interacts with metaphorical electronic components to present vignettes of activity and emotion in a rugged terrain not unlike that found in Iceland.

Typewriters Today

Documentary - 5 mins - New Jersey, USA


Some people think the typewriter is a thing of past, but Ed Michael knows this to be false.

You've Got a Problem

Animation, PSA - 9 mins - New York, USA


Uncle Louie and his Italian-American Paisanos solve a problem that the Pizza Man is having with a bunch of kids from a Brooklyn neighborhood. You got a problem, no problem...just call uncle Louie. He'll take care of it! No Problem!

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