The Bake Sale

Dark Comedy - 23 mins - New Jersey, USA


Debra, a privileged stay at home mother, aggravates her bake sale co-chair, Cyndi, a struggling nurse, to the point of fisticuffs when Debra gets a call that her mammogram is positive.


Drama - 25 mins - USA


DANNI goes on a journey to explore relationship addiction and seeks to find out at what cost does one become "clean" - or not.

Everything is Allowed

Drama - 18 mins - France


When 11 year-old Leo and his 8 year-old sister Eloïze come back from school, they sit in front of a TV game show. The goal is to inflict fake punishments on candidates when they're wrong. A game "not to reproduce at home." But Leo, educated by TV and TV games, reproduces in his own way what he sees on television. The candidate: his sister. A game which gets out of control.

Fear Me Not

Dark Comedy - 7 mins - California, USA


A young ghostwriter tries to navigate herself through the crazy world of stand-up comedy.

Gym Class Stories

Dark Comedy - 21 mins - New York, USA


A rivalry between a former athlete turned gym teacher and an overly competitive student leads to a floor hockey game that changes their school forever.


Drama - 13 mins - Austria and Italy


Jonah was inspired by the events of August 27th 2015, when the Austrian police found the corpses of seventy one refugees abandoned in a lorry parked on the side of the street in Burgenland State.

Seventy two years earlier Europe faced the horror of more than six million Jewish men and women slaughtered by the madness of the Nazi-Fasci system.

Today, Europe is facing the biggest human tragedy since the time of World War II. The migrants that have reached Europe in 2015 count more than a million. These people all share the desire to escape war and find a better life. Hundreds of thousands of women, children, and men cross the Mediterrenean Sea, the mountains of Turkey, the woods of Albania and the Hungarian plains. They rely on any means or form of transportation just to make it to Europe and it is this desperation that throws them in the hands of human traffickers.


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