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Remembering Bradley Beach: The Early Years
Director: Stevie Doueck & John Brunetti
Documentary, USA, 2013, 90 min

Looking back at memories of the good old days at Bradley Beach filled with times at the San-Bar, playing popsickle stick games, the penny arcades, and Friday nights on the boardwalk. The documentary shines light on how long lasting friendships still vibrant today were built in the quaint town on the Jersey Shore.

There are currently no showings available.

Maaleh Shorts
Director: Maaleh Film Students
Drama/Comedy, Israel, 60 min

Ma’aleh’s unique, cutting-edge films build bridges across all sectors of the Jewish world, fostering deeper understanding and dialogue between religious and secular Jews. Ma'aleh films are screened regularly at film festivals world-wide and consistently win top awards. Many Jewish organizations and educational institutions across the globe have discovered Ma'aleh as a priceless teaching resource. Thousands of Birthright students, Federation participants, and community members from North America, Europe and Asia come to Ma’aleh each year to take part in specially designed programs. In the classroom and in the community, the films are a catalyst for discussing deep issues of Jewish and Israeli identity. And they have become a powerful way to inspire young Jews disconnected from their heritage.

There are currently no showings available.

Director: Agata De Santis
Documentary, Canada, 2010, 52 min

Filmmaker Agata De Santis sets out on a quest to uncover the world of Mal’occhio (the evil eye). We are introduced to a world where one can become physically ill by another’s envious glances. It is a world where the only remedy for prevention is a phone call to be the old woman down the street who prescribes wearing strange looking amulets and gazing into a bowl of olive oil and water. What happens when you realized that your family is part of a global superstition that is neither spoken about openly nor even referred to by name?

There are currently no showings available.

Synfeld: Eileen Meets An S.Y.
Director: Stevie Doueck & John Brunetti
Comedy, USA, 2006, 52 min

Elaine meets an "SY" in this special edition of a Seinfeld episode
When Elaine is invited to an engagement party and is mistaken for an S.Y, the gang of four is suddenly knee’deep in the Syrian Community. Starring Marcella Anise Smith, Christian Johnstone, Matt Gologor, Kevin Hauver, Adam Sanders and Caroline Slaughter. Special appearances by David Roffe, Freida Sutton, David Hurdle Tawil, the Benhooren twins, and Morris J.Bailey.

There are currently no showings available.

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